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Gynae Products for Pharma Franchise | Best Gynaecology Range 

Gynecology is the branch of medicine, used for the treatment of diseases specifically related to women/girls. There are several medicines in this particular category, which help treat menopause symptoms, decreased risk of uterus cancer, and abnormal uterine bleeding preterm birth in pregnant women, etc. The Demand for Gynae Medicine has been rising day by day and our company is fulling it by contributing with its quality Gynae Medicine for Pharma Franchise. We deal in vast Gynae Products includes tablets, capsules, birth control pills, ayurvedic uterine tonic, protein powders, injectables, etc. All the Medicine, we are formulating at Gnova Biotech are rich in quality and meets all the WHO Quality Norms.

Gnova Biotech is extensively indulged in improving women’s lives through its effective product portfolio. For that, we have installed the best manufacturing plants, equipment’s and tool to carry forward and assures smooth formulation procedures. Since inception, we are consistent in our quality commitment which made us the trusted name of Pharma Franchise for Gynae Medicine Range. You can rely on us for initializing Gynae Franchise Venture. We give the best franchise support to our business partners including monopoly rights, promotional tools, marketing backup, etc.

So, give us a call to know more about our franchise business opportunity through +91-9814806440 and write us on

“Gnova Biotech” Top Gynae Medicine Franchise Company

Our company is an ISO-certified PCD franchise company for Gynae products of the highest quality in India. Our associates have appreciated us for maintaining a good range. We have qualified experts with good market experience. They helped guide us through the journey to provide you in India with reliable, pure, safe and high-quality gynecological drugs. Here are some of Gnova Biotech’s finest unique highlights:

  • DCGI approved the range of drugs. Therefore, you can be sure of the quality and trustworthy nature of the franchise for gynae products.
  • We also manufacture pharmaceutical gynae medicines. We have our own GMP-WHO units fully equipped with state-of-the-art machines and best equipment.
  • There have been strict quality control steps. We embrace the best technique to deliver better drug formulations, whether it is formulations of liquids, solids or semi-solids.

List of our Offered Rich Quality Gynae Medicine Range

Gnova Biotech is the rising Pharmaceutical Company with a demonstrative history of satisfied clientele. Our dedicated team members and corporative staff made it possible to deliver the best Gynae Medicine to customers. All the chemical extracts that we use for the formulation of medicines are free from side effects, durable and pure. They get multiples layers of quality measurement before sending it to the formulation department. You can find out the list below of some composition we are offering at Gnova biotech:

AZINO-3 KIT (BLISTER): Secnidazole is a nitroimidazole drug used throughout the treatment of infection, an orally active antiemetic antiprotozoal drug. Fluconazole is a triazole group drug, an orally active drug used in surface and systemic fungal infections treatment and prevention. Azithromycin is the first medically advanced antibiotic to be derived from erythromycin in a new subclass of macrolides.

CARBOVA-XT SYRUP: This drug is a multivitamin product that is used to treat or prevent vitamin deficiency caused by poor diet, certain diseases, or pregnancy. Vitamins are essential body building blocks and help you stay healthy.

COVAGLU-L TAB. (ALU-ALU): This drug is a dietary supplement used to prevent and treat low carnitine levels in the blood. Carnitine is a meat and dairy substance that is made in the body. It helps the body use the energy of certain chemicals (long-chain fatty acids) and keep you healthy.

LYCONIL-PLUS SOFT GELATIN CAP. (BLISTER): Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that can help to prevent damage to cells. That’s why a lot of research is interested in the role of lycopene, if any, in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

MECOVA-XT TAB. (ALU-ALU): This product combination contains a mineral (iron) and 3 vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin B12 and folic acid). It is used to treat or prevent the absence of these nutrients that may occur under certain conditions of health (e.g. anemia, pregnancy, poor diet, recovery from surgery). Iron is an important mineral that needs red blood cells for the body to produce. Vitamin C enhances stomach iron absorption. For normal blood, cells, and nerves, vitamin B12 is important. Healthy cells, especially red blood cells, need folic acid.

NEVAGEST -200 MG-SOFT GELATIN CAP.: Many people are taking around the time of menopause a combination of progesterone and estrogen to reduce their symptoms, like hot flashes. Others will need to take supplementation of progesterone while attempting to conceive or during early pregnancy. Nevertheless, the use of natural progesterone brands has become incredibly popular among those who have issues about the side effects or risks associated with synthetic hormones.

NEVAGEST-100 MG INJECTION: This injection comprises of the naturally occurring female hormone progestin. It is mostly given to women when their bodies cannot make enough of this hormone on their own. It is used to restore the normal menstruation cycle of women who are not able to get a normal menstrual pattern due to problems like amenorrhea.

SMART CARE CAP. (ALU-ALU): Lycopene and Lutein are naturally occurring substances that can help lower the cholesterol and save a person from heart problems. And, this is also a vitamin supplement that ensures good health of a woman.

SMART CORDIAL SYRUP: This medicine available in suspension form helps in treating the following: Uterine disorders, Bleeding conditions in gynaecology terms, Dyspepsia, etc. It is also effective in treating vaginitis, irregular menstruation and Leucorrhoea.

Why Choose ‘Gnova Biotech’ for Gynae Product Franchise?

When it comes to commencing a franchise venture the right choice of Pharma company matter a lot. Gnova Biotech has been playing a significant role in the healthcare industry for delivering quality medicines. We have become the fastest growing Indian Pharmaceutical Players through its flawless range. Moreover, our Active R&D cell empowered us with all the latest technology, new machinery, and marketing strategies. Following are the reason, why we can be the right choice for an association:

  1. GMP-WHO Verified Units
  2. Reliable Distribution Channels
  3. Manufactured 350+ Product Range
  4. Backed by Skilled Team member
  5. Separate Quality Department
  6. Leakage & Breakage Proof Packaging
  7. Long terms of business association
  8. Own Manufacturing Unit with the latest equipment
  9. Year of working experience in the same field

  Additional Benefits of Gynae Range for Pharma Franchise

We give equals rights and perks to our associates and believe in delivering massive transparency. Our links with renowned healthcare professionals of India gives us added value. They keep on imparting their meaningful knowledge of the Pharmaceutical industry and its functioning. It makes us the renowned and trusted name of Gynae Pharma Franchise.

Our business opportunity is open for all the people, who have a keen interest in starting their venture. So, if you are involved in a business like wholesaling, retailing, distributing gynae medicine then this can be the best opportunity for you. Find out the additional benefits provided to our business partners:

  • 100% Marketing Backup – To our Pharma Franchise members we promise full marketing security with all our inputs for the success of your career. Our efforts are likely to take your business to the top.
  • Promotional Inputs – We offer striking and effective promotional support free of cost to our PCD Pharma partners. To boost your sales we provide visual aids, visiting cards, reminder cards, diaries, posters, brochures, writing pads, paperweights, pens, MR bags etc.
  • Quality Parameters – When it comes to providing quality, we never make compromises. And, we ensure the delivery of only the best quality products that are made with the richest quality ingredients.
  • The benefit of Monopoly Rights – Associating with our Pharmaceutical establishment, you do not have to worry about the competition of the market. This is because we provide monopoly rights to our Franchise partners for Pharma Franchise business.
  • The promise of on-time Delivery – We are a company that values our clients a lot. Therefore, we always strive to provide on-time deliveries for our wide range of products.
  • Spoilage-proof packaging – In addition to providing secure transport to our medicines, we also provide spill-proof and air tight packaging of all our tablets, injectables, syringes, and capsules, etc.

Instructure to enter into PCD Franchise Business

  • Choose the area you want to set up your pharma business.
  • Choose the pharmaceutical company you want to take the franchise from.
  • Then send the quires to the company whether they have the vacancy or not to send it to 5-6 companies for having PCD Pharma or Pharma franchise, so you get a reply.
  • Ask them to provide you with information about the products they have and the price list if they are vacant.
  • Finalize now for your business the best pharmaceutical company and select the best one.
  • Make the market agreement with the terms and conditions agreed upon by each other. Now, with your new partners, you are all set to start a business.
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